"Perspectives. Socio-political journal" is a quarterly scientific journal. The socio-political journal presents the results of fundamental and applied scientific research in the field of political science, sociology and philosophy, conducted in Ukraine and in the world. Let me note a special mission of the journal, aimed at the development of modern humanitarian knowledge, in-depth coverage of the problem of humanization of society, the analysis of the nature and specificity of socialization.

In a scientific journal, “Perspectives. Socio-political journal" accepts materials relating to the results of original research and development on philosophy.

Language - Ukrainian, English.

The journal editorial staff receives and registers DOI for articles.

International scientometric base: Index Copernicus International (Republic of Poland)

Our publication informs readers about the state and prospects for the Humanities, achievements and challenges of the higher education in Ukraine and in the world. The journal publishes materials of conferences, symposia, "round tables", discussions on current topics of the science, information about scientific events, materials of scientific and methodical nature, reviews, research reports, translations of foreign authors’ writings and other scientific works.

Perspectives Journal is addressed to scientists and university professors, graduate and doctoral students, students, young scientists, organizers and patrons of scientific research, as well as to state and public figures working in the field of science, education and culture. The publication is sent to the leading scientific and educational institutions of foreign countries, the largest national libraries, research foundations and other structures and institutions working in the field of science and education.

The first issue was published in 1996. The Journal is included in the Ukrainian Science Citation Index, as well as in the List of leading peer-reviewed journals of the Ministry of Science and Education recommended for publication of the main results of theses for the degree of Doctor of Science and Ph.D. degrees.

The scientific concept defining the selection of material for publication, and around which there is a correspondence dialogue between authors and readers of this publication, is based on the recognition that in the XXI century, scientific and educational activities can not continue to rely on the absolute priority of knowledge and should bring to the fore the problem of understanding of multiculturalism. The main direction of educational transformation, that should transform the education system and the scientific approach to research is observed in the indissoluble union of knowledge, understanding and their perception in a practical human activity. Today, the crisis of understanding is global and its overcoming is a major priority of the Humanities and educational system, especially of a higher education.

The journal emphasizes a particular importance of the analysis of factors and conditions that form an educated person in the XXI century, of the characteristics of new risks and challenges of the information society, of the theoretical and methodological foundations of the Humanities in the new intellectual and communication environment.

The uniqueness of the journal is determined by its original and recognized in the scientific community publications on a number of scientific topics, including: the transformation processes of modern society; youth research; diverse students monitoring and the monitoring of changes in education in the context of globalization, glocalization and globlocalization; the study of the problems of modern Ukrainian society; thesaurus analysis in humanities.

The editorial board of the scientific journal "Perspectives" in its work is guided by the ethical rules of international scientific publications, which include rules of decency, privacy, supervision of publications, inventory of possible conflicts of interest etc. In its activities, the editorial office follows the recommendations of the Committee on Publication Ethics, and in particular, Publishing Ethics Resource Kit by Elsevier Publisher.

International, foreign and national abstract and scientometric databases, including scientific publications: National Library of Ukraine named after V.I. Vernadsky, Ukraine, Google Scholar, USA, CrossRef, USA-United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Open Ukrainian Citation Index , WorldCat, USA.

The edition is open to authors of any research, scientific and educational centers, universities in Ukraine and abroad.


Editor-in-Chief – Borinshtein Yevhen Ruslavovych, Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of Philosophy, Sociology and Management of Social and Cultural Activity (State Institution South Ukrainian National Pedagogical University named after K. D. UshynskyOdesaUkraine)